Large Companies Treat Workers Like Crap – Now Worried They’re Going To Lose Them – Duh!

Large Companies Treat Workers Like Crap – Now Worried They’re Going To Lose Them – Duh!

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Finance & Accounting executives around the world are becoming increasingly worried about recruiting and retaining skilled accounting and finance employees, according to a new survey by staffing company Robert Half International. They found that 67 percent of the respondents said it is either very or somewhat challenging today to find skilled accounting and finance professionals for certain jobs. The survey respondents also indicated they are more worried about holding onto their top performers than they were a year ago. Fifty-six percent of the more than 6,000 financial leaders surveyed in 19 countries said they are at least somewhat concerned about retaining their staff in the coming year, up from 45 percent in 2010.

Sixty-seven percent of the financial leaders surveyed reported at least some level of recruiting difficulty. Approximately 19 percent of the respondents said it is very challenging to find skilled accounting and finance professionals today. Retention worries are growing around the world. Globally, 56 percent of the executives surveyed said they are either very or somewhat concerned about losing their top performers to other job opportunities in the year ahead. That represents an 11-point jump from the 2010 survey.

Having personally worked at Hewlett Packard (HP) for ten years, this comes as no surprise to me. They knew no one was going anywhere in a bad economy and treated people horribly. Doing your job at 100% was no longer acceptable. You were assigned “Stretch Goals” and job performace rating process migrated over to “Forced Rank Distribution” as defined in these article by the Harvard Business Review. In 2008 my newborn son had a massive stroke and I was a bit off my game as you might expect. I was given an unsatisfactory rating that year by my manager who said, and I quote “I’m doing what I have to as a manager”.

Many firms are concerned about their ability to build and retain the accounting and finance teams they need to support the demands of the business. Finding and keeping skilled professionals has become increasingly challenging, and candidate shortages are emerging in some regions and specialty areas.  In the U.S., 43 percent of the executives polled this year cited worries about keeping their best people, up from 28 percent in 2010. Eighty-nine percent of the survey respondents indicated they are at least somewhat confident about their organization’s growth prospects for the coming year. Respondents from Brazil are the most optimistic: with 97 percent of executives in Brazil citing confidence in their companies’ prospects.

The most severe shortage for a specific functional difficulties filling finance jobs such as controller and financial analyst. Fourty Two percent of the executives polled said that accounting roles, such as tax accountant and cost accountant, are the most challenging to staff. Globally, the areas identified as the hardest to recruit for are finance, accounting and operational support positions, such as in accounts payable and payroll.

Why am I not surprised at this? Please feel free to share your stories.

Gustavo A Viera CPA

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